Thursday, February 25, 2010

BEACHES - the band

 My friends Ali, Antonia, Gill, Alison and Karla make up the Melbourne band BEACHES. Should I waffle on about how great their band is, but also how bloody talented each lady is in their own right - outside of the music realm? I would, but I'm going to the pool instead! They are leaving for America in a week or so, and they will blow the socks off those seppos.

 I have seen Beaches play many times, but by FAR my favourite Beaches experience was their first show. It was a birthday party, they played in a (packed) loungeroom, and everyone was very curious and eager to hear if they would be good! Obviously when you have certain ingredients involved there is no doubt it will work, but still, I can guarantee that the majority of the room that night was blown away within the first 30 seconds. If I remember correctly they opened with 'The Rip', and by the time that riff kicked in the room was 'WOOO!'-ing. My friend Andrew Harper was dancing next to me, with his arms out, eyes closed, big grin on his face, and that basically sums up how the music these gals were playing made us all feel. Good luck abroad broads

Tuncurry Lakeside Village

Tuncurry is located on the mid north coast of New South Wales, and was my second home growing up. My grandfather bought shares in 'the village' off the plan in the 70's, and therefore it was basically our sole holiday destination. Last year Keith and I headed back up there for a short holiday, and it had been over ten years since my last visit. It was a surreal walk down memory lane. It may be a little worn out and dated now, but I love the place unconditionally.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

K Mason

Known as 'Keith' to his friends, loved ones and die hard fans. I fall into every one of those categories, not to mention his worse half!

Keith Mason is a brilliant musician, and a virtuoso on the electric guitar. I might delve deeper into how his music has affected me later on, but I am a little reluctant to get too 'deep' in internet land. He is a brilliant artist too, and constantly surprises me with all of his hidden talents. AND he's a great cook! And, and, and...I could go on all night. He also has a blog where he occasionally posts about what work, music, etc he has been creating lately. His next musical release is the debut album from White Woods, in which Keith plays guitar. The album is being released through local label Sensory Projects sometime soon...

White Woods haven't played a show for a while as 2 members (Pat and Kelly) were traipsing around Europe for a few months. They arrived back home in Melbourne just recently, but now Stu (bassist) has buggered off to India! But come May, they will be playing a month long residency at the Builders Arms in Fitzroy. I highly recommend you check them out.
I took this photograph of White Woods on top of Mt Wellington last September. It was bloody freezing.


My beautiful nephew BJ. First kid in the family, and he is spoilt rotten! By me, by us all! I just wish I could see him more often, but there is 800km between us. I took these photographs of his messy face last October. When I saw him at Christmas he was walking - WALKING! At 10 months! This one is special.

The Tote Hotel, Collingwood

Last month, The Tote closed down. It hasn't sunk in yet, though it hurts everytime I pass it.

The Tote was the first pub I went to see a band at when I moved to Melbourne back in 2003. I didn't know anyone in Melbourne, so went alone. It was very difficult to get out of the house that night, and I can't say I enjoyed myself very much either. As I left, I was looking around at all the other people having fun and hanging out with their friends, and thought "Awww...". I never knew back then how familiar that filthy place would become to me. I couldn't even tell you how many times I walked through those front doors, and how many of my new (now old) Melbourne friends I would see play there. I became friends with the legendary Bruce Milne (publican and so much more) a few years back, and he kindly let me poke around and take some photographs the day after The Tote shut their doors.

Dragon Fruit

Can you believe a fruit that looks this exotic can have almost no distinct flavour at all? I was shocked! The AMAZING coconut sorbet that Sarah made to go with it however was scrumptious! You will see her recipe and my photographs of the sorbet on Trotski & Ash some time soon...

Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog entry!

You see, I've been 'blogging' in a way for the last few years on my myspace. It has sadly become a ghost town though, so I needed an outlet somewhere else!

So, stay tuned for photographs and more...