Thursday, February 25, 2010

BEACHES - the band

 My friends Ali, Antonia, Gill, Alison and Karla make up the Melbourne band BEACHES. Should I waffle on about how great their band is, but also how bloody talented each lady is in their own right - outside of the music realm? I would, but I'm going to the pool instead! They are leaving for America in a week or so, and they will blow the socks off those seppos.

 I have seen Beaches play many times, but by FAR my favourite Beaches experience was their first show. It was a birthday party, they played in a (packed) loungeroom, and everyone was very curious and eager to hear if they would be good! Obviously when you have certain ingredients involved there is no doubt it will work, but still, I can guarantee that the majority of the room that night was blown away within the first 30 seconds. If I remember correctly they opened with 'The Rip', and by the time that riff kicked in the room was 'WOOO!'-ing. My friend Andrew Harper was dancing next to me, with his arms out, eyes closed, big grin on his face, and that basically sums up how the music these gals were playing made us all feel. Good luck abroad broads


  1. 'Seppo' is short for 'Septic Tank' which is rhyming slang for 'Yank' which is short for 'Yankee'.