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Best show. Seek it out.

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'The last one out, please turn on the light'

These photos from Richard Nicholson's latest work, 'Analog - The Last One Out', make me regret tidying up my darkroom yesterday...

via Wired

Kids in the kitchen

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Some evening

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Mug Shots

The following images are 1920's mug shots from the Sydney Police archives. There is an incredible collection of all sorts of things, from murder scenes to street scapes in the HHT Archives. Definately worth a look...

Medicine Farm

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Mieze's plum cake

...just to fill the gap in my life currently, which is trotski & ash holidaying in the Northern Hemisphere (and to finish off a roll of film). Here is a delicious recipe from Stephanie Alexanders amazing cookbook, 'The Cooks Companion'.
Not the best day to be in the kitchen with the oven cranked, but after our day trip to Portsea beach yesterday I had to give my sunburnt skin a rest from the UV rays.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sign ☮ the Times