Wednesday, February 17, 2010

K Mason

Known as 'Keith' to his friends, loved ones and die hard fans. I fall into every one of those categories, not to mention his worse half!

Keith Mason is a brilliant musician, and a virtuoso on the electric guitar. I might delve deeper into how his music has affected me later on, but I am a little reluctant to get too 'deep' in internet land. He is a brilliant artist too, and constantly surprises me with all of his hidden talents. AND he's a great cook! And, and, and...I could go on all night. He also has a blog where he occasionally posts about what work, music, etc he has been creating lately. His next musical release is the debut album from White Woods, in which Keith plays guitar. The album is being released through local label Sensory Projects sometime soon...

White Woods haven't played a show for a while as 2 members (Pat and Kelly) were traipsing around Europe for a few months. They arrived back home in Melbourne just recently, but now Stu (bassist) has buggered off to India! But come May, they will be playing a month long residency at the Builders Arms in Fitzroy. I highly recommend you check them out.
I took this photograph of White Woods on top of Mt Wellington last September. It was bloody freezing.

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