Thursday, November 18, 2010


 I'm very excited right now. I just found out that two friends of mine, Julian and Bree, are opening a shop and gallery!

'MR KITLY is a shop and gallery in Brunswick, Melbourne.
Opening night December 2 from 6pm, 
Upstairs 381 Sydney road, Brunswick.
It would be so great to see you there.
(If you would like to come, and you like to schedule things in facebook,

MR KITLY shop will also open from the 2 Dec opening night. 
Pottery, printed matter, textiles and indoor plants. 
A collection of goods for life made by artists and artisans
in Australia, Japan, Korea, USA and Europe.

MR KITLY is a skylight and sun-lit space on the second floor
of a Victorian-era shop building.
We love our Brunswick neighbourhood,
and I love spending time pottering about, 
watering plants in our new space.

MR KITLY is a welcoming place that celebrates 
the hand-crafted, the unusual, the illuminating,
the imperfectly perfect, 
and the sunlit, small and beautiful things in life.'

Just look at the caliber of the artists involved in the opening exhibition. So Exciting! 
 Paul Williams

Mark Rodda
Georgina Ward
 Antonia Sellbach

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  1. Sounds great. I'll definitely making a visit next time I am in the Big Smokes.