Sunday, May 30, 2010

Portrait Exhibition

In just a few short weeks a new exhibition will open at C3 Gallery in Abbotsford, Victoria.

Two x Two is a collaborative portraiture project by Melbourne photographers Karl Scullin and myself, Lauren Bamford. Each of us presenting a unique portrayal of the coterie of Melbourne's emergent artistic subculture - with the common theme of 'two'.

I will be exhibiting 34 environmental portraits - in pairs. The similarities and dissimilarities between the paired photographs may allude to the personal relationship between each individual and myself, the photographer.

Karl's series of colour portraits depict two individuals within every frame. They are images taken from 10 years of documenting subjects from very different projects, be it CD covers or family. The strength and interest of these images comes from the dynamic between these characters.

It opens on Wednesday 23rd June, at 6pm, and runs for 3 weeks. If you are in the Melbourne area - please come along! The gardens and buildings at the Convent are truly lovely, and if you have never visited - now could be the time.

My lovely Keith was kind enough to create an event over at Facebook if you are so inclined.

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